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Ceiling Clothes Airer 6 rails / 100cm

Innovative raising / lowering system.
Ceiling-mounted drying rack.

78,00 €

Ceiling mounted drying rack 6 rails of 100 cm:

6 independent drying steel rails coated in plastic - 100cm each.
Fixing bar lengths: 2 x 54 cm.
Wall fitting cleat block width: 17 cm.
Colour: White
Fittings: Solidly fits to ceilings with 3 screws per bar.
6 drying rails, 2 fixing bars, 1 wall fitting cleat, Resistant synthetic corde - 42m, 12 beads, 8 screws, 8 plugs, 1 instruction leaflet.
Easy assembly - follow Instructions provided. Fixing and fittings included.
Guaranteed 2 years.

Airavie drying racks - an ecological, user-friendly, indoor or outdoor laundry drying system.
Simple, practical and innovative solution for drying laundry.


A simply clever drying solution: there's no need for an electric dryer with these practical and space-saving drying racks! Hang them inside or outside, over the tub or in the airing cupboard, lower them from the ceiling or mount them on the wall. Length, width and height adjustable to suit your needs. There are options to fit any space.

-  adjustable line length - from 80 cm to 180 cm / 2.62 – 5.9 ft, ideal for limited spaces (choice of 5, 6 or 7 independent washing lines).
-  ceiling or wall-mounted to fit exactly into available space.
-  rails can be individually hoisted, a disability-friendly solution.
-  hoist your washing up and out of sight.
-  make the most of warm spaces, no need for electric dryers.
-  robust, rust-proof washing lines for indoor and outdoor use.

Space Saving - No wasted spaces:
AIRAVIE DRYING RACK can be installed in large or small bathrooms, in the shower, over the bathtub, in airing cupboards, hallways, on balconies, under the stairs, or under the eaves…

- adjustable, modifiable and adaptable to fit any space.
- lines can be individually raised and lowered, no need to raise your arms.
- easy use and easy care, user-friendly.
- out of sight, yet always ready for use.
- reduces need for ironing, crease free hanging.

- high resistant steel rails coated in plastic.
- 2,5 kg laundry load per rail.
- resistant, synthetic cord.
- resistant to damp, rust, and bad weather, ideal for outdoor use.
- reliable and tested system.
- made in Europe.

- efficient, eco-friendly clothes drying system.
- makes use of available heat sources.
- no need for electric drier.
inexpensive, durable solution.

We recommend:

Ceiling Clothes airer for smaller items: line lengths from 80 cm to 130 cm / 2.62 to 4.26 ft. For apartments, flats, studios, student accommodation, bed-sits, hotel rooms or as an extra airer for towels …
Ceiling Drying Rack for medium-sized items: line lengths from 140 cm to 150 cm.
Ceiling mounted dryer for large items: line length from 160 cm to 180 cm. Suitable for sheets, bedding, large laundry loads…

You can install Ceiling Mounted Pulley Clothes Airer anywhere you like !
This simply clever solution allows you to install the drying rack in just about any available space. In the bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, balconies, under the stairs, in hallways, airing cupboards, over the tub, in the shower compartment, in the toilet ... Just measure the space available and choose the appropriate size.

What type of ceiling is suitable for Clothes Ceiling Pulley Airer ?
Most standard ceilings are just fine. You can install the lines on concrete, wood, plasterboard, etc.  You may have to use appropriate plugs and screws depending on the type of ceiling. Fixtures and instructions are provided with the Clothes Ceiling Pulley Airer.

What is the best ceiling height for a Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer ?
Again this is up to you, and our Laundry Clothes Drying Rack will almost certainly fit the bill. If the room is above the standard height (250 cm / 8.2 ft) just tell us an we will provide extra line. Use the roll of line provided, and instead of cutting the line lengths according to the recommended length specified in the  instructions (600 cm / 19.68 ft), adapt the lengths to suit your specifications.

How much laundry can you hang on each washing line ?
The maximum load per line is 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.

How can you adjust the lines to minimize drying time?
Choose an appropriate space, preferably high up where hot air accumulates. Each line can be adjusted to the height you want. After deciding on the height you want, simply tie a knot in the line, and push the bead over the knot to prevent the line from slipping.
Precise assembly instructions are provided with every order. You can also consult the video on our website.
Maximize space between items by varying heights of each independently adjustable clothes line to maximize air circulation and ensure optimal drying conditions.

Is it easy to install a Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer ?
Yes, just follow the instructions and the Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer will be ready for use in no time. If you do not have the basic DIY skills, it should take a handyman less than 30 minutes to install the lines. Standard plugs and screws are provided which can be used on most surfaces.

Are all surfaces suitable for the installation of an Airavie Drying Rack ?
Any standard surface is suitable, the plugs and screw provided are suitable in most cases.
However in the case of aerated concrete, plasterboard, and particle board surfaces you may have to replace the  plugs and screws we provide with more appropriate ones suitable for your surface.

How can the Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer be installed on a wooden or particle board ceiling ?
Special hardwood or particle board surface screws and plugs (not provided) may be required for your surface. These screws are available in hardware stores.

How can the Ceiling-mounted clothes airer be installed on a plasterboard ceiling ?
You will probably need special screws and expanding dowel pins (not provided) appropriate for a plasterboard ceiling.  These screws are available in hardware stores.

Can standard-sized clothes pegs be used on Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer ?
Using standard-sized pegs may seem impossible because of the diameter of the lines. But a clever trick solves this problem: peg laundry items at the sides just below the washing line. This allows you to use standard size clothes pegs. You can also use large clothes pegs if you want to peg the clothes in the classic way.

Can Ceiling Mounted Pulley Clothes Airer be installed under a sloping ceiling or roof ?
Yes, absolutely no problem. The installation procedure is the same for sloping surfaces.

On which side of the drying rack should the line anchor be placed ?
The line anchor can be placed wherever you choose. You can position it on the right, on the left, or on the wall just behind the drying rack. However, remember to adjust the length of the lines to the suitable length (this depends on the positioning of the line anchor).
Ceiling Clothes Airer